Contorno Più

Fresh vegetables harvested when they are perfectly ripe and grown in Italy only: you are really spoilt of choice if you want to make the perfect side dish with Orogel Contorno Più product line. From Kale to Rainbow Swiss Chard or the vegetable mixes of Contorno Amico, you will need only few minutes to prepare and serve a rich and healthy side dish.
"Fogliotto" 8 Leaves Mix
Country Style Leaves "Verdure Campagnole"
Kale "Foglia Più" (Whole Leaf Portions)
Rainbow Swiss Chard Portions
Spinach Leaves Fogliabella
Tricolor Veggie Mix "Contorno Tricolore"
Veggie Mix "Contorno Amico"
Veggie Mix "Misto Benessere"
Veggie Mix Light "Contorno Leggerezza"