A whole other soy!

The only Italian soy
Orogel Edamame is cultivated exclusively in Italy, in the fertile Po region, which is perfect for this kind of product. 

Sowed in spring and harvested in summer. Edamame pods are harvested when they are green and tender: they are immediately frozen to keep all their nutrients intact. The selected seeds are all GMOs free. 

Edamame belongs to Orogel Benessere, a wide range of products which are not only tasty and delicious, but also naturally rich in important nutrients for our organism. Moreover, all the products are poor in salt. 

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When talking about Edamame, many people think it is something new and kind of "exotic"! 
Actually Edamame has important ancient origins and it has been known for ages in China and Japan, where it is particularly loved for its taste and nutrients. 

Just looking at it, you can notice that the soy bean is completely different from other varieties: it is "longer" and not round, bright green and tough. Edamame, in fact, is harvested when the pod is still "young" and the beans are green and delicate. Edamame combines two Japanese words: “Eda”, which means “branches”, and “mame” which means “beans”. Once, in fact, beans where sold on the freshly cut branches. 

Storie di bontà

La soia che non sai

Abbiamo chiesto ai nutrizionisti Orogel di rispondere a qualche domanda sulle caratteristiche nutrizionali della Soia Edamame! Ecco le loro risposte.
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Tutte le proprietà della soia edamame

Non solo tanto gusto, la Soia Edamame garantisce un apporto di elementi importantissimi per il benessere del nostro organismo.
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