Only the best vegetables, grown in the most suitable soils and areas of Italy, harvested when they are perfectly ripe, deep frozen a few hours later to ensure a unique taste experience: Orogel "Vegetables" product line introduces taste and quality to your kitchen. They are ready to be served on your table in few minutes.
Artichoke (whole) TantoCuore
Artichoke Wedges TantoCuore
Artichokes Halves TantoCuore
Asparagus Tips
Baby Carrots
Borlotti Beans
Broad Beans
Broccoli Florets
Brussels Sprouts
Buon Minestrone
Cannellini Beans
Carrot Rounds
Cauliflower Florets
Champignon Mushrooms
Chicory Catalogna "Foglia Più" (whole leaf portions)
Courgette Slices
Escarole Portions
Fennel Wedges
Friarielli Portions Foglia Più
Garlic Dices
Grilled Aubergine Slices
Grilled Vegetable Trio
Grilled Veggie Mix "Contorno Fantasia"
IGP Tropea Red Onion
Leaf Beet Chard "Foglia Più" (whole leaf portions)
Minestrone 15 Vegetables
Minestrone without Peas
Mushrooms Mix "Tanti Funghi"
Onion Dices
Parsley and Garlic Mix
Peas Extrafine "Dolce Italia"
Peas Fine "Dolce Italia"
Peas Very Fine "Dolce Italia"
Potatoes Pre-Fried Sticks
Pumpkin Dices
Roasted Peeled Peppers
Romanesco Cauliflower
Russian Salad Mix
Savoy Cabbage
Shallot Dices
Soffritto Mix
Spinach "Foglia Più" (whole leaf portions)
Spinach Chopped
Turnip Top Sprouts IQF
Turnip Tops Portions "Foglia Più" (whole leaf portions)
Very Fine Green Beans