Virtù di Zuppa

You can choose among no less than seven delicious options composing Orogel Virtù di Zuppa product line: traditional soups with Pulses and Cereals; appetizing and original with Barley and Mushrooms or Chickpeas and Black Lentils; and finally, the typical and hearty Tuscan Ribollita with the unique taste of black cabbage. All these soups are flavoursome and healthy, as they are prepared with the best ingredients grown in the most suitable areas and soils.
"Virtù di Zuppa" Barley and Mushrooms Soup
"Virtù di Zuppa" Chickpeas and Lentils Soup
"Virtù di Zuppa" Light Soup
"Virtù di Zuppa" Mountain Soup
"Virtù di Zuppa" Ribollita Soup
Virtù di Zuppa Every day
Virtù di Zuppa Good Old Tastes