Fish soup

Fish soup

You need just 9 minutes to taste all the flavour of a traditional Italian recipe. Orogel Fish Soup is perfect with toasted bread slices or with a tasty cous cous.

All the taste and freshness of the sea concentrated in a product line that includes only top-quality seafood, which is deep frozen right after catching.


FISH and seafood 55%: CODFISH fillets, MUSSELS in shell, CLAMS in shell, SQUID, SHRIMP tails (1*) (SHRIMPS, antioxidant: sodium metabiSULFITE) or PRAWN tails (2*) (PRAWN, antioxidant: sodium metabiSULFITE); seasoning ( water, tomato puree, HAKE fish, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, garlic, white wine (Containa SULFITES), SQUID, double tomato concentrate, parsley, salt, yeast extract, hot pepper), diced tomatoes. GLUTEN FREE * The numbers on the side of the carton, next to the batch number, indicate the ingredients used.

The best from Nature!

For 100 g Per portion (250 g)
Energy 420 kJ / 101 kcal 1050 kJ / 252 kcal
Total fat 7.4 g 19 g
Saturated fatty acids 1 g 2.5 g
Carbohydrate 1.8 g 4.5 g
Sugars 0.8 g 2 g
Proteins 6.4 g 16 g
Salt 1.1 g 2.8 g


9-10 minutes
Pour the soup in a hot saucepan without thawing. Cook over medium heat for 9-10 minutes keeping the lid on and stirring occasionally. Toast 4 slices of bread, season them with some garlic if you like it, and put 2 slices in each bowl. Pour the hot soup on the bread slices and sprinkle some chopped leaves of parsley to taste.
cucinalo così
How to use it!
Put the frozen soup in a preheated saucepan, Cover and cook for 9-10 minutes over medium heat, stirring delicately from time to time. Toast 4 home-made bread slices, flavor with garlic if desired and put two in each bowl. Pour the soup hot on the bread and sprinkle with chopped parsley to taste.
suggerimenti golosi
Tasty Tips
Fish couscous: soften up 150 grams of precooked couscous according to package instructions. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and divide it into 2 bowls. Pour half of the soup in each bowl and serve immediately.
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