We are also... gluten free!

We are also... gluten free!

From vegetables to ready-to-eat products, you are really spoilt for choice with our products for people with gluten sensitivity.

Which of Orogel products are gluten free:

  • all the products included in the 2020 edition of the Italian Coeliac Association's food list
  • all plain vegetables, such as peas, spinach, artichokes, asparagus, are naturally gluten free and, therefore, safe to be consumed by people with gluten sensitivity

And there's much more! Clear and user-friendly product labels will help you choose among the products in our range. The presence of allergens or any possible allergen cross-contamination is always declared on the label.

Enjoy your meal!

Deep-frozen products

Buon Minestrone
Grilled Aubergines
Grilled Courgettes
Grilled Vegetable Trio
Light Minestrone
Light Potatoes
Light Verdurì
Mini Burger with Artichokes
Mini Burger with quinoa and linseeds
Potato Stick
Quinoa with Vegetables
Roasted Peppers
Veggie Tots
Verdurì Artichokes
Verdurì Asparagus
Verdurì Mixed Vegetables
Verdurì with Pumpkin and Carrots
Virtù di Brodo
Virtù di Zuppa with Chickpeas and Black Lentils


Fish soup
Risotto and spaghetti mix
Seafood sauce


Crunchy Dessert
Panna e Cioccolato
Yogurt & Frutti di Bosco

Virtù di frutta

Organic Virtù di frutta - Apricot
Organic Virtù di frutta - Blueberry
Organic Virtù di frutta - Orange
Organic Virtù di frutta - Strawberry

Deep-frozen products for restaurants and catering industry

Maxi Burger with Quinoa and Linseeds (125 g)
Mini Burger with Quinoa and Linseeds (40 g)
Potatoes (Pre-fried chips 3/8)
Pulses and Rices with Sunflower Seeds and Vegetables
Quinoa with Vegetables and Goji Berries
Steakhouse Potatoes
Veggie Stock
Veggie Tots