Veggie Tots

Veggie Tots

Crispy and tasty small veggie balls, to serve as appetizers. Try them with some chips or for a traditional Italian street food.


ORANGE VEGGIE BALLS WITH QUINOA, PUMPKIN AND BROWN RICE: Quinoa 28%, carrots, parboiled brown rice 9% (rice, water, salt), sunflower oil, sunflower seeds proteins, rice flour, corn flour, potatoes, red onion, coriander, salt. Gluten Free. YELLOW VEGGIE BALLS WITH CAULIFLOWER, BORLOTTI BEANS AND TURMERIC: Cauliflower 31%, borlotti beans 30%, sunflower oil, potatoes, carrots, corn flour, sunflower seeds, rice flour, salt, turmeric 0,4%, rosemary, black pepper. Gluten Free. GREEN VEGGIE BALLS WITH BUCKWHEAT, LENTILS AND BROCCOLI: Buckwheat 15%, lentils 15%, broccoli 14%, green beans, peas, pumpkin seeds proteins, sunflower oil, rice flour, corn flower, ginger, chives, salt. Gluten Free.

Product Features

Packs per carton 4
Cartons per pallet 144
Weight 1.000 g
Product Code 310487


Convection Oven
9 min
Place the frozen veggie balls on a sheet of baking paper and place them directly in the oven. Put in the preheated oven at 210° C (in the middle rack) and cook for 9 minutes. Stir halfway through the cooking. Cook for 2 more minutes if you want them gold and crispy.
Deep Fryer
4-5 min
Pour the frozen product in boiling oil at 175° C for 4-5 minutes, until gold and crispy. Drain and let dry on kitchen paper.

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