Battered Vegetable Trio

Battered Vegetable Trio

Courgettes, cauliflower and artichokes: this is an original mix to be served as finger food or with roasted meat.


Vegetables in varying proportions 55% (courgettes, cauliflower, artichokes), corn flour, water, sunflower oil, wheat flour, salt, natural flavorings. May contain traces of: eggs, milk and derivatives.

The best from Nature!

For 100 g
Energy 504 kJ / 120 kcal
Total fat 5 g
Saturated fatty acids 0.6 g
Carbohydrate 16 g
Sugars 2.9 g
Fiber 1.6 g
Proteins 2 g
Salt 0.5 g

Product Features

Packs per carton 4
Cartons per pallet 126
Weight 1000 g
Product Code 351027


Convection Oven
15 min
Put the frozen product onto a baking pan in a preheated (200C) convection oven. Wait for the oven to reach the set temperature and bake for 15 minutes. Remove the product from the oven, add some salt and serve.
Deep Fryer
6 min
Pour the frozen product in hot oil (185C), fry for 6 minutes until it’s golden and crispy, drain and pat dry with kitchen paper. Season with salt and serve.

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