Burger with Quinoa and Linseeds (40 g)

Burger with Quinoa and Linseeds (40 g)

Mini Burgers with quinoa and linseeds are tasty and tempting for all the family! Try them with grilled veggies or a simple salad to serve a balanced meal.


Partially cooked quinoa 30% (quinoa, water), courgettes, potatoes, carrots, linseeds 8%, peas, spinach, corn, sunflower oil, red onion, rice flour, chives, salt. May contain traces of EGG, MILK and derivatives. Gluten Free.

Product Features

Packs per carton 4
Cartons per pallet 144
Weight 1.000 g
Product Code 310662


Convection Oven
9 min
Place the Mini Burger onto a sheet of baking paper and place it directly on the oven rack in the central part of your oven. Bake it in the oven at 190 °C for 9 minutes. Turn the burger now and then.
7 min
Preheat the griddle to 240°C. Place the product on it without thawing, close the griddle and cook for 7 minutes.

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