Asparagus Cream in Drops

Asparagus Cream in Drops

Orogel Asparagus Cream is simply delicious. Perfect to create stunning dishes! The innovative technology offers small drops (5-6 g each) to help you keep an eye on the food-cost.

Orogel high quality, natural products, good taste and balance.


Asparagus 33%, water, potatoes, leek, extravirginolive oil, salt.

Product Features

Packs per carton 4
Cartons per pallet 162
Weight 1.000 g
Product Code 310651


10 min
Pour the frozen product in a suitable pot. Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring frequently. No need to add water.
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Tasty Tips
Orogel Creams are very versatile: try them to prepare unique bruschetta or sandwiches. Add them to your risotto or pasta to give extra taste. Perfect also to season meat dishes. Try the Asparagus Cream for a savoury pie with ricotta cheese.
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Eggs, Parmigiano baskets and asparagus cream

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