Quick Recipes

Ready Meals

Artichokes Wedges Seasoned
Aubergine Dices Pre-Fried
Aubergine Slices for Parmigiana
Country Veggies "Sapori dell'Orto"
Friarielli Seasoned
Grilled Vegetable Mix Seasoned
Grilled Veggie Mix "Contorno Fantasia"
Mediterranean Vegetable Trio
Mini Veggie Flans "Le Meraviglie" (40g)
Potato Wedges - Seasoned and Grilled
Potatoes and Artichokes Seasoned
Spinach Rich Taste
Vegetable Mix for Caponata

Breaded and Battered

Aubergine "Cotoletta"
Battered Artichoke Wedges
Battered Courgette (Zucchini) Sticks
Battered Green Beans Gusto Italia
Battered Onion Rings and Flakes
Battered Seafood Mix with Vegetables
Battered Tricolor Veggie Mix
Battered Vegetable Mix
Battered Vegetable Mix with Onion
Battered Veggies Sticks
Battered Veggies Trio
Breaded Aubergine Rounds
Breaded Mediterranean Veggie Mix
Breaded Veggie Tots with Aubergines and Scamorza


Artichoke Cream in Drops
Asparagus Cream in Drops
Gourmet Box

Veggie Burgers

Breaded Veggie Burger (125 g)
Burger with Chickpeas and Spelt (80g)
Burger with Grilled Veggie and Scamorza (80g)
Burger with Quinoa and Linseeds (125 g)
Burger with Quinoa and Linseeds (40 g)
Finger Burger with Quinoa and Linseeds (20g)
Maxi Burger with Grilled Veggie and Scamorza (125 g)
Spinach Burger (80 g)
Spinach Maxi Burger (125 g)