Friarielli "Rich Taste"

Orogel Turnip Tops "Rich Taste" are ready-to-use and seasoned with olive oil, garlica and a pinch of salt. Traditional side-dish of the Italian cuisine, it is perfect also as topping for savoury pizzas.
Product Features
Packs per carton 6
Cartons per pallet 90
Weight 1000 g
Product Code 310642
Friarielli 92%, sunflower oil, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, garlic.
Convection Oven
13 min
Put the frozen friarielli onto a baking pan, making sure they don’t overlap, in a preheated (160C) convection oven. Wait for oven to heat up to set temperature and bake for 13 minutes.
10 min
Pour the frozen product in a suitable non-stick pan. Cover and cook for 10 minutes stirring occasionally.
I consigli di Amico Chef
Suggerimenti, ricette e tanti consigli per preparare al meglio i prodotti Orogel: Amico Chef è vicino ai professionisti della ristorazione, per offrire soluzioni sempre innovative, originali e di pratico utlizzo.
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