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Healthy and balanced mix of veggies that you can use for many recipes!
"Fogliotto" 8 Leaves Mix
Battered Vegetable Mix
Breaded Mediterranean Veggie Mix
Country Style Leaves "Verdure Campagnole"
Country Style Veggie Mix (Grilled and Seasoned)
Cous Cous with Vegetables
Friarielli Seasoned
Grilled Courgettes Rich Taste
Grilled Potatoes with Rosemary Seasoned
Grilled Vegetables Mix Rich Taste
Grilled Vegetables Mix Seasoned
Grilled Vegetables Mix Seasoned
Grilled Veggie Mini Flan Le Meraviglie
Kale "Foglia Più" (Whole Leaf Portions)
Le Meraviglie Mini Potato Flan
Mini Burger with quinoa and linseeds
Peas and ham
Potatoes and Artichokes Seasoned
Rainbow Swiss Chard Portions
Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes Seasoned
Spinach Mini Flan Le Meraviglie
Spinach with Cheese
Tricolor Veggie Mix "Contorno Tricolore"
Veggie Mini Flan Le Meraviglie
Veggie Mix "Contorno Amico"
Veggie Mix "Misto Benessere"
Veggie Mix Light "Contorno Leggerezza"
Veggie Tots