Asparagus Rounds

Asparagus Rounds

The grown-in-Italy Asparagus Rounds are toothsome and tasty. It is a quick and convenient service product, and can be used for any recipes where asparagus is needed.



Product Features

Packs per carton 4
Cartons per pallet 144
Weight 1.000 g
Product Code 310653


6 min
Pour the product in a non-stick pan without thawing with a drizzle of oil. Put the lid on and cook for 6 minutes.
suggerimenti golosi
Tasty Tips
They are perfect to make risottos or pasta dishes, in particular fresh egg pasta or short-cut pasta like pennette. They can also be used to garnish pizzas or focaccias and paired with any type of cold cuts, as well as to make a rich frittata with sausage. Asparagus rounds can also complement veal scaloppine or other types of white meat cut into strips, and can perfectly pair seafood recipes with prawns, cuttlefish or squids.
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Eggs, Parmigiano baskets and asparagus cream

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Harvesting Period
from April to June
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