Artichoke Bottoms
Artichoke halves
Artichoke Hearts (Whole)
Artichoke Slices
Artichoke Wedges
Artichoke Whole With Stems
Asparagus Roundels
Asparagus Tips (17 Cm)
Aubergine Dices 20X20
Baby Carrots (Whole)
Borettane Onions
Borlotti Beans
Broad Beans
Broccoli Florets (Individually Frozen)
Brussels Sprouts
Carrot Rounds
Carrots Puree in Drops
Cauliflower Florets
Champignons Slices
Cherry Tomato Slices
Chicory (Whole Leaf) Foglia Più
Chicory Cubes
Courgette Dices
Courgette Rounds
Edamame Soybeans
Extra-Fine Green Beans
Extra-Fine Peas
Fennel Slices
Fennel Wedges
Fine Green Beans
Fine Peas
Friarielli Cubes
Italian Chicory IQF
Medium Peas
Minestrone Mix (13 Vegetables)
Nettle Cubello
Onion Halves
Onion Slices
Peas Puree In Drops
Pumpkin Dices
Pumpkin Puree In Drops
Red And Yellow Pepper Halves
Russian Salad Mix
Savoy Cabbage
Semi-Dry Tomatoes
Small Asparagus Tips
Snowpeas - Flat Green Beans
Soia Edamame in baccello
Spinach “Fogliapiu”
Spinach Cubes
Spinach Leaves Foglia Più
Swiss Chard Cubes (Leafy Variety)
Swiss Chard Cubes (Ribbed Variety)
Swiss Chard Leaves Foglia Più
Swiss Chard Ribs Foglia Più
Tomato Dices
Turnip Tops Cubes Foglia Più
Turnip Tops Sprouts Iqf
Very Fine Grean Beans
Baby Carrots (Whole)
Chicory Portions
Courgette Rounds
Fine Peas
Russian Salad Mix
Spinach Portion Foglia Più
Spinach Portions
Swiss Chard Portions Leaves
Turnip Tops Portions
Very Fine Green Beans
Very Fine Peas
Grilled Aubergine Slices
Grilled Aubergine Sticks
Grilled Courgette Rounds
Grilled Courgette Slices
Grilled Courgette Sticks
Grilled Onion Slices
Grilled Pepper Halves
Grilled Pepper Sticks
Grilled Vegetable Trio
Grilled Vegetable Trio In Sticks
Herbs and Spices
Garlic Cloves
Onion Dices (6X6)
Soffritto’ Mix (Onion, Celery And Carrots)
Baby Potatoes
Gran Gusto Grilled Potato Wedges
Potato Chunks
Potato Croquettes
Potato Dices  12X12
Potato Slices
Potato Wedges
Potatoes Purè In Drops
Pre-fried chips 3/8
Red potato Chunks
Steak House Potatoes
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