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Scallops and vegetables appetizer

Scallops with vegetables are a delicious, original and tasty appetizer that is quick and easy to prepare. They will be perfect for dinners and buffets with friends or to celebrate special occasions. Let's prepare them together!
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  1. Cream the greek yoghurt with Orogel chopped basil and lay on the bottom of 4 glasses.
  2. Toss the Orogel Contorno Leggerezza in a pan for 5 minutes with salt, pepper and lime and lay it in the glass.
  3. Coat the scallops with the breadcrumbs flavored with salt and a few drops of oil and lime. Quickly brown the scallops in a pan.
  4. Put the scallops on wooden skewers and pair with the glasses. Garnish with a few fresh mint leaves.
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