Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Ethics: being responsible towards people

Our ethic frame of reference is the dignity of human life and that of every person in whose service our member farmers and companies work lies.”

Like a compass, our Code of Ethics is the reference point for every single decision we make. Behind our actions and choices, ideas and improvements, lies the awareness to aspire to a global well-being.

Orogel is first of all a team of people, our approach is closely linked to the cooperative principles and values, including our strong local roots, the extensive knowledge of the manufacturing supply chain and a constant attention to the product in terms of innovation, safety and quality.

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Sustainability: we have a responsibility towards the world around us

Attention to the environment and social context is an integral part of our philosophy, that we put in place consistently, day after day

Cultivating according to nature, respecting its seasons; perfecting the production process by applying modern, integrated techniques: this is our own way of being responsible towards the environment.

We are not stopping there: we create jobs to contribute to the community welfare, we invest in training and pay attention to people growth. We believe the development of a company and the attention to the world around reinforce and feed on each other.

Solidarity: responsibility towards the community

We are firmly aware of the effects that our actions can have on the community

We commit ourselves to an equitable and sustainable growth that goes hand in hand with solidarity, assistance and support actions aimed at the present and future community. We make this commitment real by:

  • Charitable initiatives in favor of disadvantaged people;
  • Activities in the various sectors of social welfare and social services, the promotion of culture and art, education and training;
  • International solidarity, through participation in projects of NGOs;
  • Social marketing initiatives and collaboration with NGOs;
  • Initiatives in the field of amateur sport, especially the local one;
  • Initiatives for our employees, as the construction of social housing, child care and recreational facilities for children.

- We are also the promoters and founders of the Consorzio Romagna Iniziative and of Fondazione Romagna Solidale. In 2017, to celebrate 50 years of cooperation and business, Orogel has founded the Fondazione Fruttadoro F.OR.

Sharing: responsibility towards our partners

Respect is a form of love. That is why we build a trust-based relationship with our partners.

We pursue a lasting and sustainable growth, based on the fullest possible involvement of all the actors involved.

Clarity, transparency, timeliness, completeness and consistency define every information activity with stakeholders, allowing everyone to adopt its own decisions in an informed and aware manner and with mutual respect.