Our history, a passion for cold temperatures

Our history starts back in 1967, when eleven passionate fruit and vegetables producers based in the area of Cesena decided to become partners and funded the COPA Cooperative.

Very soon, other local producers followed their lead and founded other cooperatives: CAPOR, APORA, APA, Granfrutta Zani and ARPOR. The union between these cooperatives led to the creation of a consortium in 1969: Consorzio Fruttadoro di Romagna.

In order to solve the problems related to production surpluses and the need for renovation, the consortium started immediately to invest in studying food preservation processes, with a particular focus on deep freezing.

This decision led to the creation of the first deep-freezing plant and to the foundation of Orogel in 1978.

The foundation of Orogel.
The cornerstone was set

Since then, we have been growing. We have opened new factories which have enabled us to increase our sales steadily, as well as to enhance our product range, without losing sight of our core mission: the care for quality, values and traditions of the local area and of its local community.

  1. 1967

    The cooperative

    Eleven producers from Cesena decide
    to join and create a fruit and vegetables cooperative.

    Other cooperatives follow their lead and found a consortium:
    Consorzio Fruttadoro.

  2. 1976

    Deep-freezing: the beginning of a new era

    Our first project in fruit and vegetables freezing kicked off: in 1976 the new plant began its activity.

  3. 1978

    Orogel was founded

    Orogel, a frozen vegetable production, sale and distribution company is established and Bruno Piraccini became CEO.

  4. 1987

    Italy’s first highly-automated cold store

    Our first large highly-automated cold store operating at - 40*C was inaugurated. It was Italy’s first cold store ready for the modern cold chain logistic.

  5. 1988

    Two major improvements

    1988 saw the birth of our first analysis laboratory and the “Ortofrutta pulita” project. For the first time information technology tools were applied to fruit and vegetable production, giving birth to the first products under the "SoloSole" brand.

  6. 1989

    Orofrutta was born

    All the taste of fruit under Orogel’s top quality control: jam and fruit mousse production under the brand “Orofrutta” began.

  7. 1990

    Cookery school

    To spread the Italian food culture and enhance its rich tradition recipes, our cookery school kicked-off.

  8. 1992

    Cubello was born

    A major innovation in the frozen spinach market. The switch from frozen plate spinach to practical cube portions marked a real revolution in the kitchen.

  9. 1996

    Italians favorite product was born

    Minestrone Leggerezza was born in 1996 and it’s still one of our top sellers nowadays. The brand Compagnia del gelato was created and Orogel Surgelati Spa was established in the same year.

  10. 1997

    Orogel launches "La Cucina Italiana"

    Orogel creates a product line dedicated to the recipes and flavours of the Italian culinary tradition, preserving their authentic taste but also focussing on convenience and safety, which deep-freezing could guarantee.

  11. 1998

    Three new product lines and a certification

    "Verdurì" and il Sole di Orogel were born. The latter has won us the ISO 9001 certification. 1998 is also the year of “SoloSole Bio”, the first line of certified organic production vegetables.

  12. 2002

    Aromatic herbs and supply chain traceability

    Easy-dose aromatic herbs were introduced. An innovative box with a fragrance-saving cup makes for a surprising novelty. Supply chain traceability project is completed thanks to information technology tools.

  13. 2003

    Orogel Fresco was born

    To optimize production processes and develop business and advertising synergies between fresh and frozen branches, the cooperatives join in Orogel Fresco company.

  14. 2004

    Orogel won Miss Italy over

    We achieve the international certification for food safety BRC. Benessere lines were introduced, including Fogliabella spinach, the leading product promoted by Miss Italy.

  15. 2007

    Happy Birthday!

    Our first 40 years represent an awesome opportunity for a variety of events and the launch of the Buon MInestrone, the only one with 16 selected and certified vegetables.

  16. 2008

    Two new factories and an advertising award

    We bought the Argo Frost plant in Policoro and a freezing Plant in Ficarolo. The new advertising spot of the Buon Minestrone won the Key Award.

  17. 2009

    A year in taste!

    Virtù di Frutta, three new Verdurì (Verdurì with the color of health, and Verdurì with soy) and Edamame soybeans were introduced, for a year dedicated to wellness.

  18. 2010

    A brand new dress

    A brand new logo and a new packaging. A new advertising spot with Malika Ayane’s voice and the Orogel 360 project: 2010 is dedicated to our new image.

  19. 2011

    Watchword: improvement

    Structural improvements, such as the elevated tunnel or the new cold storage room, which help us enhance our production. Foglia Più Portions, Single servings and the project "Negozio Amico" - a special product range devised for small grocery stores - are created.

  20. 2012

    The debut of the Lunette and Lupetto

    Fogliotto, the Lunette with their mascot Lupetto, Verdurì pumpkin and carrots were born and Virtù di frutta line was renewed. 2012 marks Orogel debut in social networks and the full implementation of cogeneration and alternative energy production systems.

  21. 2013

    To the healthy eating side

    Promotion of healthy eating through events and initiatives go hand in hand with efforts in enhancing the value of typical and traditional regional agri-food like artichokes and asparagus.

  22. 2014

    Edamame wins everyone all over!

    Edamame is the new starring of advertising campaigns and is promoted by nutritionists. Our commitment to the environment goes on with new eco-friendly projects.

  23. 2015


    Orogel goes to Expo Milano 2015 with events, talk shows and meetings. Only where you cultivate beauty, goodness can blossom: this is the message that Orogel has used for this event.

  24. 2016

    Mini Burgers for everyone!

    Orogel presents a new range of products, the Mini Burgers. Five different recipes developed following the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

  25. 2017

    50 years of Orogel

    Since 1967 – when the first cooperative was created – Orogel has been working on quality, research and passion, to offer its customers only the best fresh frozen products, cultivated exclusively in Italy.

  26. 2018

    Corporate welfare

    A series of initiatives to support Orogel member farmers, employees and co-workers are launched: from productivity bonus to retail vouchers, from after-school activities to interest-free loans, the world of Orogel has been renewing itself under the banner of solidarity.

  27. 2019

    The largest freezer in Italy

    The building of Orogel 3 is finally completed: an automatic -25°C storage room is created for the automatic storage and handling of over 40,000 tons of deep-frozen products. It is the largest in Italy, and an example of excellence in Europe.

  28. 2020

    Orogel Green: the Group renews its commitment for sustainability

    Orogel has always paid great attention to environmental protection, and is closely connected to its local area and community: the Orogel Green brand is launched with the aim of being fully naturally sustainable.

We are an Italian company, and we are leaders in the production of fresh frozen vegetables

We are also a cooperative system at the service of our member farmers


Orogel Green

We are a large Italian cooperative group.

The quality of our products stems from the work we do in our land every day, and from the respect we have for the entire supply chain.

We ask our farmers for the best.
Wholesome, natural and fresh products, just as freshly picked.

Orogel Green

We are a large Italian cooperative group.

The quality of our products stems from the work we do in our land every day, and from the respect we have for the entire supply chain.

We ask our farmers for the best.
Wholesome, natural and fresh products, just as freshly picked.